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News: A Love Bird's Tale

Susan Ashline
13WHAM News
(November 25, 2007) - MENDON NY - A red-tail hawk named Shasta was taken in two years ago by the Wild Wings Bird Rescue Center. He’d been caught stealing food from picnickers at Hamlin Beach.

He had been illegally raised as a pet, and is unable to care for himself in the wild.

But, things seem to be going well for Shasta when he found a girlfriend. 

Shasta, a Red-Tailed Hawk

"He's got it," said Terry Kozakiewicz, Wild Wings director.  "She just absolutely is totally in love with him."

Shasta is not the handsomest red-tail hawk on the wing.

But, Kozakiewicz said, "For whatever reason, that animal magnetism definitely said, 'OK this is my guy'. She's taken over with him." 

They say love is blind.  Could it be true regarding Shasta and his girlfriend?

"We don't know what it is," Kozakiewicz said.  "But she lands here….like I said, she's bringing dinner."

It appears for the wild red-tail hawk that first spotted Shasta, it was love at first sight. 

She’s visited him every day since their first meeting, and though it goes against nature for this species, this female has been bringing dinner to the male including delicacies like snakes and red squirrels.

"She brought a gray squirrel a few weeks back," said Kozakiewicz.  "She brought it right up to the bars, and they're squawking away, making their calls."

No telling what happens after the lights go out.

"When we lock up, we're not quite sure what goes on around here," said Kozakiewicz.  "I know that we've come in and we found her on the roof."

Shasta has gathered his own pile of twigs, so when his girlfriend shows up, he can break them up to show he's a good provider.

Although there's a strapping young red-tail hawk next door, the girlfriend only has eyes for Shasta.

"Shasta's injured," said Kozakiewicz.  "He'll never go back in the wild again.  And unfortunately, she's never coming into the enclosure to be with him as well."

Ah, never was a story of more woe, than this of Juliet and her Romeo.


from 13WHAM.com


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