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About Us

Wild Wings Inc. is a not-for-profit,
501(c) 3 corporation established in November 1995. We believe the key to environmental conservation and preservation is education. Our mission is to foster awareness, enhance respect and promote personal responsibility for the natural world. We achieve our mission through serving as a wildlife sanctuary, focusing on birds of prey (raptors) and by offering educational programming.

Thousands of birds of prey are injured in the U.S. every year. If their injuries are treatable they are released back into the wild. However, the fate of many of these injured birds is euthanasia because they can no longer survive in the wild on their own. The alternative is placement in an educational facility such as Wild Wings. Among the raptor residents are eagles, hawks, falcons, vultures, and owls. We also house a non-releasable bobcat. Their injuries range from gunshot and car accident victims to those who were in the illegal pet trade.

From November 1995 – January 2006 we were located in Hilton, N.Y. Our facility in Hilton did not allow us to offer in-house programming or have room for expansion. In the fall of 2004 Wild Wings approached the Monroe County Parks Department about the abandoned sight at Mendon Ponds Park. We began fundraising and went through legislation requesting a lease for the park land. In January 2005 we were granted a 15-year renewable lease from Monroe County for the “Cottage” and the surrounding land. We broke ground in May of 2005. The building was constructed by volunteers with the guidance of an architect and professional builders and completed in January 2006. We do not receive funding from Monroe County and are financially dependant on donations from the public and the fees received from our educational programs.

We offer traveling demonstrations as well as on-site programming. Our programs help to educate people of all ages about the importance of raptors and to appreciate these magnificent creatures.


Wild Wings
27 Pond Road, Honeoye Falls, NY  14472
Phone: 585.334.7790